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If you have purchased Hello’s oral care products containing activated charcoal, you may be entitled to receive benefits from, and your rights may be affected by, a class action settlement.

A federal court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

A proposed Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit (the “Action”) involving Hello Products LLC (“Hello”). The Settlement resolves litigation over claims of false advertising and unfair and deceptive marketing practices regarding Hello’s line of oral care products containing activated charcoal. The Parties have agreed to settle the Action in its entirety, without any admission of liability by Hello, pursuant to the terms of a written Settlement Agreement. The Action is known as Patellos, et al. v. Hello Products, LLC, Case No. 1:19-cv-09577-SDA (S.D.N.Y).

Who’s included in the Settlement Class? The proposed Settlement Class includes all United States residents who purchased Hello’s oral care products containing activated charcoal.

Who’s excluded from the Settlement Class? Affiliates, employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of Hello, Hello’s counsel, counsel for the class, the judge and the magistrate judge who have presided over the Action, and their immediate family members and persons who timely and validly request exclusion from the Settlement Class.

What benefits does the Settlement provide? All Settlement Class Members who submit a valid, complete, and timely Claim using the Claim Form, may be eligible for a payment as follows: An Authorized Claimant will be eligible to receive a payment of approximately $6.00 (adjusted based on the number of approved claims) for each Product the Authorized Claimant purchased during the Class Period. No additional proof of purchase will be required beyond a timely and properly submitted Claim Form, provided such claim includes an attestation to the purchase(s) under penalty of perjury. Settlement Class Members without proof of purchase will only be permitted to make claims for a maximum of five (5) Products. Settlement Class Members who have proof of their purchases and provide such proof with a timely and properly submitted Claim Form will be permitted to make claims for up to ten (10) Products. Each household may submit only one Claim Form. In addition to the payment described above, Hello agreed to certain other relief regarding its sale of the Products, as described in the Settlement Agreement, although Hello contends no changes are necessary to comply with any applicable laws.

How do I receive Settlement benefits? In order to receive monetary benefits under this Settlement, Settlement Class Members must submit a Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator by mail or on this website. To download a Claim Form, please click HERE. To submit a Claim Form online, please click HERE . The deadline for submitting Claim Forms is October 11, 2022 if submitted online, or it must be postmarked by October 11, 2022 if submitted by U.S. mail to the Settlement Administrator at:

Charcoal Toothpaste Settlement Administrator

P.O. Box 25410

Santa Ana, CA 92799

You may also request the Claim Form be mailed to you by calling toll-free 1-866-221-3146, or request the Claim Form electronically by emailing the Settlement Administrator at, or by mailing a request to the Settlement Administrator.

Who represents me? The Court appointed the law firm of Federman & Sherwood and Pastor Law Office, LLP as Class Counsel with William B. Federman as Lead Counsel to represent the Settlement Class. You will not be charged for these lawyers. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense.

Your options. If you are included in the Settlement Class and do not submit a Claim Form, your rights may be affected and you will not receive any monetary benefits from this Settlement. If you do not want to be legally bound by the Settlement, you must exclude yourself from the Settlement by August 27, 2022, by following the instructions in the detailed Long Form Notice. If you do not exclude yourself from the Settlement, you will not be able to sue, or continue to sue, Hello about the legal claims in the Action or Hello’s advertising claims regarding the Products. If you do not exclude yourself from the Settlement, you may object to it by August 27, 2022, by following the instructions in the detailed Long Form Notice. The Settlement Agreement and other documents relevant to this case are available under Case Documents.

The Final Approval Hearing. The Court will hold a hearing on January 10, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. EST to consider whether to approve the Settlement, award Class Counsel Attorneys’ Fees up to $420,000.00 and reasonable expenses, award the two Class Representatives up to $3,500 each for their service, and award certain Other Claimants up to $350 for their service. Please check back on this website for updates as the Court may move the date of the hearing.

HEARING UPDATE: At counsel's request, counsel in this action may appear for the hearing via video. Similarly, any class member, objector and/or member of the public may participate in the hearing via telephone or video. Anyone wishing to participate remotely may do so using Microsoft Teams as follows: 1. Join on your computer, mobile app or room device: Link: Meeting ID: 283 988 309 843 Passcode: x3EEia 2. Join with a video conferencing device: Video Conference ID: 111 456 107 8 3. Or call in (audio only): +1 646-453-4442 Phone Conference ID: 462 294 550#.

Want More Information? Call toll-free 1-866-221-3146, email, or write to Charcoal Toothpaste Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 25410, Santa Ana, CA 92799.


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